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Health Psychology Specialist

Wellness Road Psychology

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The therapists at Wellness Road Psychology implement the science of health psychology to look at how a person's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can affect their physical health.

This is an important thing to evaluate because it can help us understand why some people get sick and others don't, and how we can improve our own health and well-being. If you're interested in learning more about how your mental health and physical health are connected, or if you're looking for ways to improve your health and well-being, consider booking an appointment with a member of our team. They can provide you with personalized strategies and support to help you reach your health goals. Don't wait to take control of your health – book an appointment today and start your journey towards better physical and mental well-being.

Health Psychology

What is health psychology?

The field of psychology has numerous disciplines with many more appearing as new developments and discoveries are made in the research of the human mind. Health psychology is a relatively new discipline in psychology that focuses on the connections between your physical health and your mental health. The two influence each other more than you might realize.

The therapists at Wellness Road specialize in health psychology. We can help you optimize your physical and mental wellness throughout periods of sickness and health. If you’ve been diagnosed with a physical health condition, the therapists can help you navigate the changes to your life that occur as a result of your illness, and explore whether reducing stress or learning to manage emotional factors can improve your quality of life.

What are the benefits of engaging in health psychology?

You might seek health psychology for many reasons. Whether you have a physical or mental illness, or even if you’re entirely healthy at the moment, the therapists can strategize a health psychology plan for you that targets the areas of your life that need work. Health psychology can help you:

  • Reduce stress and its effects
  • Reduce risky behaviors
  • Improve your nutrition
  • Exercise more often
  • Stop smoking
  • Manage your weight
  • Prevent illness
  • Learn to cope with illness
  • Learn to cope with grief or your own hospice care

In short, health psychology helps you learn to make your physical and mental health a priority, no matter what challenges life throws at you. 

How is my physical health connected to my mental health?

The numerous links between your physical health and mental health might surprise you, and health psychology ties the two together. One example is stress. While stress might seem like a feeling or emotion that only affects your mind, unmanaged stress can lead to high blood pressure, headaches, and even heart disease.

Another example is depression. When left untreated, depression can lead to dangerous fluctuations in your weight because of changes in your eating habits. It can also increase your risk of getting heart disease, contribute to inflammation and widespread pain. 

Clearly, physical and mental health are both important. Managing them together with psychology gives you a chance at overcoming challenges related to both. To book a consultation for psychology and counseling, call Wellness Road Psychology or book online today.