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Preteens and teenagers aren’t always easy to understand. Getting them to talk to you about what's going on in their social lives or minds can be frustrating, if not impossible. If it seems that your adolescent is struggling, the therapists at Wellness Road Psychology, provide adolescent-focused therapy at Wellness Road Psychology, with two locations in Dobbs Ferry, New York, and New York City’s Financial District. To book a consultation for adolescent psychology, call the clinic, or use the online scheduling tool today.

Adolescent Psychology Q & A

What is adolescent psychology?

Adolescent psychology is the discipline of psychology focused on the unique problems and needs of teenagers and young adults, specifically between ages 10-19. 

Teenagers are in a vulnerable phase of their lives. They’re learning who they are, exploring their interests, and undergoing major hormonal changes. Unfortunately, some adolescents fall into drugs, risky sexual habits, unhealthy relationships, and more. 

With all of these factors at play, teenagers are prone to experiencing mental health complications. With adolescent psychology services from the therapists, they can learn to manage the changes in their mood, behaviors, and relationships. 

What are some common psychological issues for adolescents?

Bold as they may act, teenagers’ minds are still developing. They’re still learning to manage their emotions and cope with life’s events. Anywhere from 10-20% of adolescents experience a mental health condition during this stage. Common conditions among adolescents are:

  • Attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Eating disorders
  • Risky behaviors

Some of the signs and symptoms of these conditions are similar to adults, but others present differently. It’s important to pay attention to the way your adolescent behaves. While teenagers are notoriously rebellious and angsty or overly confident, some behaviors could indicate a mental health concern that needs to be addressed. Be sure to watch for falling grades, social isolation, and other habits that don’t seem normal for them.

How does adolescent psychology help?

At Wellness Road Psychology, the therapists offer specialized adolescent therapy that helps young adults in many ways. He encourages adolescents to open up about their concerns with life. Adolescent therapy might focus on:

  • Improving social skills
  • Overcoming bad habits
  • Improving performance at school
  • Resolving internal and external conflicts
  • Learning to communicate needs

The therapists truly understand teenagers and how they think. Your child might not be ready to share some of their feelings with you, but therapy can help them learn to cope and work through them.

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