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About Practice

Are you struggling to manage your mental health and worried about the impact it may be having on your relationships?

Do you seek a sense of balance and control in your life but find it hard to know where to start, and sometimes wonder if it is even possible?

Modern life can be overwhelming and filled with uncertainty and doubt – it's no wonder so many of us can often feel lost in a complicated maze of feelings!

Here's the good news. You're not alone in these thoughts – and it's easier than you think to overcome these issues with help from the professional therapy team at Wellness Road Psychology.

Our job is to give you the framework and tools you need to stop guessing what you should or could be doing so you can move forward with confidence and focus on doing what you do best.



The Wellness Road Psychology team is trained and specialized in the latest techniques, including Cognitive Behavioral Theory (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

All treatment is based on and backed by credible research, delivered with empathy by a compassionate and approachable team. Our techniques, combined with the relaxed atmosphere of our offices, are designed to help you relax and open up. Over the years, we have helped our clients to overcome many issues, including but not limited to:


  • Anxiety

  • ADD

  • Body image

  • Career issues

  • Chronic pain

  • Dating

  • Depression

  • Eating disorders

  • Family relations

  • Gender identity

  • Grief

  • Insomnia

  • Life transitions

  • Online issues

  • Panic

  • Personal growth

  • PTSD

  • Procrastination

  • Relationships

  • Sexual concerns

  • Stress

  • Transgender support



Life isn't easy – and having someone on your side can make all the difference to your mental and physical health. Start your journey of self-discovery and personal transformation by scheduling a free consultation and find out how Wellness Road Psychology can help you.

We believe that therapy in New York for mental wellness should be reasonably priced and effective. And that’s exactly what Wellness Road Psychology provides, with our experienced and compassionate team of dedicated therapists. If you’re looking for real results, Wellness Road Psychology offers:

  • ✔ Down to earth therapists that give you practical tools and strategies to improve your mental health

  • ✔Psychotherapy that’s informed by training and experience, with therapists that are great listeners

  • ✔ Specialized therapists for adults, children and seniors spanning a range of mental disorders

If you’re considering therapy in New York, well done! Thinking about coming to therapy is the first step towards emotional wellness. The next step is to book your appointment. You can book online or call us right now. We offer in-person and online therapy sessions to keep everyone safe and help you be the most comfortable for your appointment.


At Its Foundation, Therapy Is About:

  • Acknowledging that you are in pain

  • Deciding to do something about it

  • Initiating transformation by working with a trained therapist to become more aware

  • Experiencing the positive impact of transformation

Financial Policy

We accept most major credit cards as payment. We are an Out of Network practice and do not accept any insurance plans. We assist you and contact your insurance provider and help arrange your reimbursement. Please call for more information. Individual session prices range from $100-$400.

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How You Can Help a Loved One with Grief

Offering support to a loved one who’s grieving can be difficult. It’s hard to find comforting words, and there’s no way to lessen their burden. Grief is a process that moves at their pace. Your presence and hope for the future is your best ally.

Post Partum Depression and PMADS

If you are are in pain and having strong emotions around giving birth you are not alone! Below you can learn about the tell-tale signs that you may be suffering more than you have to, and how therapy can help.

Mental Health Issues Teens and Young Adults Face Today

Just as toddlers have trouble expressing discomfort or pain, teens and young adults may have difficulty communicating their mental health in a way you can understand. Knowing the challenges they face can help you monitor their needs.


Words from our patients

  • ZocDoc

    "Dr G gave me useful techniques I could start using right away and I left feeling hopeful and positive about my outlook."

    Verified Patient
  • ZocDoc

    "I now have more fulfillment in my relationships with family, work, & in my ability to treat myself well & make better choices. A lot of it due to the work we've done."

    Verified Patient

Please schedule weekend appointments during regular weekday business hours. We do not offer walk-ins and the office administrator is not available on weekends. You can leave a voicemail or email on weekends and all weekend inquiries will be answered on Monday morning. If there is an emergency that cannot wait until Monday, please call 911 to get immediate help, and then leave an email or voicemail and a provider will get back to you as soon as they can. Thank you.



    Driving Directions for our Fidi Location

    Enter on Cedar Street and bring ID and check in on desk to the left, then check in on front desk at the 46th floor.


    Driving Directions for our Dobbs Ferry Location

    Walk past the statue and down the hall. Enter the first door on the left, labeled Hudson Mental Health. Have a seat in the waiting room.


During these unprecedented and difficult times we are committed more than ever to helping lower your stress levels and provide healthy coping mechanisms. Our team specializes in treating those who suffer from anxiety and depression and we are dedicated to helping you survive and thrive through remote appointments via video or phone. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment.

We are all in this together!

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