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Therapy For ADHD

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Consistently falling behind at work, school, or life responsibilities makes you feel inadequate, insufficient, and, frankly, exhausted. The therapists at Wellness Road Psychology, can help you get back on track to success with a plan to manage your ADD or ADHD. To set up an evaluation, call the clinic or book the next available appointment online today.


Treatment for ADD And ADHD in New York Psychotherapy Specialists For ADD And ADHD

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Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can go undiagnosed and untreated for years, especially in girls and women. These disorders are characterized by symptoms like intensely distracting daydreaming (called maladaptive daydreaming), forgetfulness, and of course, high energy levels.

As people become more and more aware of the prevalence of these disorders, they are increasingly seeking treatment for ADD and ADHD in New York every year. We are proud to have qualified specialists at Wellness Road Psychology that treat ADD and ADHD in children and adults.

Although ADD and ADHD can make life seem exhausting, we at Wellness Road Psychology can help you manage your symptoms and build a meaningful life where you understand your own needs. Untreated, ADD and ADHD can lead to depression and anxiety, as well as other mental health struggles. Individuals who don’t understand why they have trouble focusing – or struggle not to interrupt others in social situations – might blame themselves.

If you’re feeling frustrated with your concentration levels, struggling with procrastination, find yourself awkward in social situations, or extremely impulsive in general, then know that psychotherapy for ADD and ADHD does work – and you can get help!

Common Symptoms Of ADD Include:

✔ Easily distracted
✔ Trouble following verbal directions
✔ Intense daydreams
✔ Difficulty listening during a conversation
✔ Procrastination
✔ Boredom
✔ Hyper-focus on things that interest you
✔ Frequently losing possessions

Common Symptoms Of ADHD Include:

✔ Impulsiveness
✔ Impatience
✔ Talking a lot, or talking fast
✔ Frequently interrupting others
✔ Trouble waiting your turn

Anyone can have one or even several of these symptoms without having either disorder. You can book an evaluation if you notice several of these behaviors that last for longer than six months. At Wellness Road Psychology, we treat ADD and ADHD in adults and adolescents through cognitive behavioral therapy. Our psychotherapy specialists for ADD and ADHD assist adults and adolescents to live a happier, healthier life in every way.

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