Tips to help you get through this unfortunate time:

If you are cooped up at home, which you are, because it’s the right thing to do and most of us don’t have a choice, here are some things to do and not do:

· Go for a walk outside
Activity lowers depression and anxiety symptoms and creates a sense of wellbeing

· Get some sun.
Sunlight has been shown to lower symptoms of depression.

· Do a home workout
Just because some gyms are closed doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising. Go on youtube, peleton (now offering a free 90 day subscription), beachbody, and stream some workout video and do them, or do the free 7 minute workout in the app store. You will feel better afterwards.

– If you’re working from home, try scheduling a morning and evening “commute” where you walk to the station, or walk around the block, to mentally separate yourself and create a transition between work and home.

· Clean your home
This will help you feel more relaxed especially since you will be spending more time there in the coming weeks.

· Do some yoga
Relieves stress and helps prevent injury.

· Meditate
Helps with anxiety, concentration, and depression symptoms, and relieves stress. I like the simply being app, but there are lots of others that are probably just as good.

Do your hobby
Music, art, writing, reading, tinkering. Whatever your thing is, do it. You will find a nice distraction from the monotony.

Say “thank you” to your mailman, garbage man, police officer, or anyone still working right now in this scary time.
Gratitude will also help your mood and sense of connection to others and make you feel like the good person that you are.

Help someone in need
The elderly are especially vulnerable right now so if you have a neighbor or acquaintance who is older and needs help, offer to get them groceries, hand sanitizer, toilet paper. This will go a long way and could even save their lives. You will feel better after you do it, too.

Go to therapy
One of the main concerns about coronavirus at this time is the anxiety that this is causing. Talking to a therapist can help you to process these thoughts and live your life the way you want to, even during the hardest of times.

Cook a meal.
By now you’ve probably stocked up on supplies, so why not make some chili, or bake some cornbread, or make something you love. Then eat it, then spend some time cleaning it up (see above item).

Contact friends and family
It’s normal to feel sad, scared, confused, and stressed during a crisis. Contacting friends and family can help.

Watch a movie or Netflix series.
With no sports on this could be a good time to catch up on a new TV series.

What not to do:

Drinking in excess
While having couple of drinks is probably harmless, and maybe even relaxing, excessive drinking will make you feel worse in the long run and is not an effective way to handle this situation which will last longer than the one night that the alcohol helps you with.

Smoking or vaping
We don’t have all the information since this is a new virus, but since coronavirus attacks the lungs, people smoke or vape regularly could be at higher risk and have a harder time fighting infections than those who don’t.…/covid-19-potential-implications…

Obsessively reading the news and social media feeds.
Take breaks from this. Too much exposure to this will only cause more anxiety and worry. It’s okay to stay informed but put it down after you get what you need after a few minutes.

Know that some of the smartest scientists and leaders are working tirelessly to end this thing as soon as possible and even though things are hard right now, they are likely to get better in the coming months.

My associate and I are trained to help people manage their mental health by finding effective ways to cope and process the world, so you and those you care about can stay grounded through these times. If you or someone you know is experiencing increased anxiety and want to talk, call for a free phone consultation. We are now offering video therapy to kids, couples, and adults.

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