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Your child might have a hard time expressing their emotions to you, which can be very frustrating as a parent. At Wellness Road Psychology, our therapists can help kids communicate their feelings through child-focused therapy. They also help children learn coping mechanisms and communication skills that help them later in life. For more information about child psychology and available services, call Wellness Road Psychology, or book an appointment for your child online today.

Childhood Psychology

Child Psychology Q & A

Child psychology focuses on children’s mental, social, and emotional development and their behaviors. Children’s minds work in different ways than adults, so they need a different approach to their psychological care.  


Your childhood determines many factors about who you become as an adult. If you spent your formative years in an abusive environment or if you go through a traumatic event as a child, your childhood trauma can stay with you for the rest of your life and affect your behavior. The therapists can help children understand and process traumatic and generally negative events with healthy coping mechanisms that can help them later in life.


At Wellness Road Psychology, the therapists talk to children gently and encourage them to be open about their thoughts and emotions. Whether your child is going through a specific difficulty or you simply want to improve one of their skills like decision-making or problem-solving, he can help your child grow and develop in a healthy way. 

Many possible factors can contribute to childhood psychological or developmental difficulties. You might decide to bring your child to Wellness Road Psychology for an evaluation or for treatment to cope with one of these common challenges:


  • Traumatic events
  • Grief or loss
  • Physical health issues
  • Mental health conditions
  • Social difficulties
  • Stress due to environmental changes
  • Cognitive deficits
  • Difficulty in school


Some psychological and developmental issues have genetic roots, while others arise because of specific life events. Even if you’re not sure what’s causing your child’s emotional or cognitive difficulties, the therapists can perform an evaluation to get more information about the cause. 

At Wellness Road Psychology, the therapists offer several services focusing on child growth and development. He might perform an evaluation along with various tests before creating a treatment strategy for your child. 


One of the most valuable tools in child psychology is psychotherapy, and there are many different approaches. Depending on your child’s age, state of mind, cognitive abilities, and other factors, the therapists might integrate play therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness therapy, or other approaches into your child’s care. During his time with them, he might focus on modifying certain behaviors, helping them communicate, or helping them adopt healthy coping mechanisms.

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The therapist understands children and the unique challenges they experience as they grow. For an in-depth evaluation for your child, call Wellness Road Psychology, or book an appointment online today.