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Autism Specialist

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At Wellness Road Psychology we try to meet the needs of the whole person.  Our Autism specialist, Dr. Rebecca Simoni, uses a strength-based approach to treat children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). She develops treatment plans that consider all the factors that might be affecting the child or young adult with Autism outside of therapy.

Dr. Simoni’s extensive experience working with children with ASD, combined with her dissertation research on Evidence Based Treatments for Autism, make her extremely well equipped to work with this population using methods that are backed by research.

The goal is to teach your child or adolescent in a way that feels fun, not like work. Your child’s age, attention-level and tolerance for therapy will all be considered as we design a personalized therapy plan. Dr. Simoni understands the importance of structure and routine for children with autism, and works that into her treatment, by creating a structured plan with regular check-ins to measure progress.

As therapy progresses, she will frequently review your child’s treatment goals plan to measure progress toward meeting their objectives. Clear and open communication between therapists and families is established by including both the child and the parents in the therapeutic process. By working together, we can more readily assess the effectiveness of your child’s therapy plan.

We want to restore order in your family’s life and help your child thrive. Call now to set up a consultation with our Resident Autism Expert - Dr. Simoni and start the path to a better life for your child and family.

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