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Micah Plant

Mental Health Counselor located in Financial District, New York, NY & Dobbs Ferry, NY

About Micah Plant

Micah Plant is a Mental Health Counselor. She obtained her Masters degree in Forensic Psychology from John Jay College. She resides in Queens, New York when she is not exploring various countries around the world.

Micah worked in the justice system with adolescents and adults of all ages who were socially and economically disadvantaged and going through difficult points in their lives. She is passionate about helping individuals manage anxiety around situations that are sometimes out of their control. Micah believes that when we are in situations we feel we have little control over, this can bring about feelings of stress and anxiety and our brain will automatically begin to think in a not-so-realistic way; it takes some work to change this. Some things are in our control and some are not, but the only thing we can definitely control is what we learn from our experiences and how we use them to move forward in our lives.

Micah is here to help you find the path in life that brings you happiness and that you consider to be successful. She offers a judgment-free zone and a relational, humanistic approach to the counseling relationship so that you can feel comfortable discussing the obstacles you are experiencing, and begin to find ways to overcome them. She specializes in CBT and REBT as well as MMT techniques for anxiety, addiction, self-esteem, and depression. Ideally, she will help you develop techniques you can use on your own so that you can feel empowered to be independent within your own life.

Each of us has within us the answers we need to solve our own problems, but it doesn’t hurt to have some company along the way that offers a different perspective! Micah is here to help you discover and sharpen the tools you need to be able to do so, and looks forward to working with you!