A person with short dark hair and wearing a light blue shirt smiles in an outdoor setting, surrounded by trees and greenery. They exude warmth, much like trusted providers of care in a community environment.

About Maya Rubin

Sometimes you know exactly what the problem might be, and other times it feels more confusing and elusive. I specialize in working with preteens, teens, and young adults in exploring, making sense of, and moving through their beautifully complex internal worlds. I believe that past experiences and relationships have a profound impact on how we see the world and move through it.

Using a variety of effective treatment approaches tailored to each unique individual, we will explore how your lens has helped protect you in the past while also identifying new ways the pattern can be shifted to better serve you moving forward.

Along the way, you may uncover underlying needs and desires, communication strategies and coping skills, as well as tap into strengths you may not have realized were there all along. With teens in particular, there is an added focus on developing warm, respectful relationships; vibrant self-esteem; and confidence in their own innate and learned abilities.

Success in therapy starts with a naturally good fit between you and the therapist, in which your personalities mesh and you feel truly seen and heard. Making you feel supported, respected, and comfortable is my ultimate priority so you can feel safe journeying to places that would maybe otherwise feel scary.