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About Mark Ruiz, LMHC

Mark Ruiz is a licensed mental health counselor in New York. He obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Mental Health Counseling from the City University of New York (CUNY) in Staten Island, and today, he lives in New York with his family, where he has started practicing with Wellness Road Psychology.

Mark has honed his approach to counseling to treat anxiety, depression, stress, anger, career development, adjusting to life transitions, self-esteem building, creating work/life balance, and healing intergenerational trauma through his own experiences. Mark strongly believes that creating a safe space and building confidence with his patients contributes to building strong relationships and success. Mark’s expertise as a counselor, coupled with his therapeutic style, make him a popular therapist with anyone who encounters him.

Mark starts by establishing a safe space and understanding what your experience is like, and then work together to help you learn to manage and process your situation in the healthiest way possible. His goal is to help you overcome your current obstacles and give you the tools to sustain those gains in the long term.

Mark has a friendly, approachable manner, natural talent, and the skills needed to work with clients of all ages using a multidimensional approach that’s tailored to each of his patient’s needs. As a therapist, Mark’s strength is that he makes sure he establishes a therapeutic relationship founded on trust, growth, and genuine support. He places a lot of importance on carving out a safe, private space in which his patients can feel understood. Mark’s background growing up in a shelter in lower Manhattan, and his roots as a Latino-American, help him to offer culturally sensitive services.

Mark likes to make sure that his sessions are client-centered, focusing on teaching his clients to utilize mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and existentialism to highlight their values, personal identity, and strengths. Counseling to treat anxiety is Mark’s forte, as well as helping his clients make real, actionable change in their lives while facing very-real mental health challenges.

Mark draws from his expert training, knowledge, and personal life experiences to provide his patients with the tools they need to overcome adversity and hardship and become the best version of themselves. His personal philosophy is that we are all connected, like broken pieces of glass looking for that one piece that connects us to others. Mark is here to help you find the pieces that connect you with yourself and the world around you.

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