A man with a shaved head, wearing a black T-shirt, smiles while posing for a portrait against a gray background, exuding the confidence of experienced providers.

About Luciano Escobar

Meet Luciano, an experienced licensed mental health counselor at our practice. With a person-centered psychodynamic approach to therapy, Luciano creates a safe and confidential space for clients to openly share their thoughts, emotions, and concerns. Building a therapeutic relationship rooted in trust and empathy, Luciano actively listens to clients’ experiences and collaborates on setting goals. Drawing upon evidence-based techniques and personalized interventions, Luciano guides clients in exploring and gaining insight into their challenges. They help individuals develop coping strategies while promoting overall well-being. Their approach incorporates elements from cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), existential therapy, and narrative therapy, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored treatment plan. Known for their warm and compassionate demeanor, Luciano fosters a positive and collaborative atmosphere. They utilize thoughtful questioning to support individuals in developing deep insight and understanding regarding their mental health concerns. Having worked with individuals of all ages and backgrounds, Luciano brings a wealth of experience and interest to their practice. While their focus encompasses personal growth and development, they have a particular passion for helping individuals find meaning and purpose, addressing relationship issues, enhancing self-esteem, managing anxiety, and navigating life and career transitions. Experience compassionate and effective counseling with Luciano, and embark on a transformative journey towards improved mental well-being.