A woman with long dark hair, wearing glasses and a purple blouse, smiles while looking at the camera. The background is green and blurred, giving a serene atmosphere that hints at the caring nature of providers.

About Dr. Manchandani

Welcome!  My name is Dr Jyoti Manchandani and I am a NYS licensed psychologist.  I am passionate about helping women learn how to transition through life periods, heal from trauma, and manage distress related to familial discord, anxiety and depression. Together we will work on developing your core identity, self value system, ability to approach discomfort while increasing meaningful relationships with family and friends.

My approach utilizes an individualized style- incorporating CBT, motivational interviewing, psychodynamic and ACT with a trauma and BIPOC informed focus.  As a first generation daughter of immigrants, I strive to help you understand your authentic self, nurture your strengths, navigate through life’s situations and cope effectively with the world around us.  Our shared goal to venture beyond the “how does that make you feel” to the “why” so that you can heal and thrive.  Hope to see you soon!