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About Jennifer Durso

Jennifer Durso is a mental health counselor. She obtained her Master’s degree from New York University. She resides in New Jersey with her wife and fur babies.

Jennifer believes in tailoring her approach in therapy to meet the unique needs of every client. She is passionate about helping clients build on their strengths, as well as optimize their happiness, meaning, and purpose in life. She treats clients holistically, which involves improving their mind, body, and spirit. She also values the importance of being multiculturally competent and aware of clients’ various identities.

As a therapist, Jennifer’s strengths are making clients feel validated, supported, and excited about making a change. She has expertise in approaches such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy. She likes to teach clients skills that allow them to feel more confident about managing their mental health and tackling everyday problems.

Jennifer specializes in areas such as anxiety disorders, stress management, low self-esteem, body image challenges, eating disorders, family concerns, dating/relationships, LGBTQ, depression, career issues, and trauma. She has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating ADHD and changing negative behavior patterns. Jennifer has over three years of doctoral training in school psychology, which has afforded her these specialties.

Jennifer draws from her knowledge, training, and personal experience in order to provide clients with the best quality of care. For example, she strongly empathizes with clients who are suffering from chronic physical conditions. She manages her own Crohn’s disease (stomach inflammation) and has two parents with terminal illnesses. Lastly, Jennifer is a bodybuilder and enjoys incorporating her love of fitness, understanding of nutrition, and advocacy for body positivity into her work. She personally knows the benefits of meditation, which she performs daily. She has many hobbies such as photography.

Check some of the great reviews:

Jen and I spent less than a year together. During that time, she helped me achieve recovery from my eating disorder.
Jen has an entire bookshelf of books and workbooks for clients. They helped me so much.
I highly recommend Jen as a counselor. She completely changed my life.
I have been working with Jen for the past 4 months and have learned more about myself in our short time together than I have my entire life! I’ve worked with other therapists in the past and could not recommend Jen more. She’s thoughtful, insightful and deeply cares about your needs and goals. She’s adaptive to all different kinds of styles, whether you’re the kind of person who needs homework after a session.