A woman with long hair in a braid, wearing a gold jacket and a gold necklace, looks at the camera with a neutral expression against a gray background. Her confident presence suggests she may be one of the key providers in her field.

About Jamie Karia

Jamie Karia, LCSW, seamlessly blends her roles as a seasoned Psychotherapist and Life Coach, backed by over 18 years of expertise. Passionate about facilitating transformative growth, Jamie taps into her rich foundation in education, psychology, and clinical therapy to support young adults, adolescents, and seniors navigating a diverse range of challenges. These include anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, relationships, and many more.

Her specializations extend to grief counseling, spiritual therapy, and working with celebrity clientele. In her approach, Jamie emphasizes the power of positivity, integrating coaching techniques to help clients realize their objectives. She employs a dynamic blend of therapeutic modalities, encompassing Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Object Relations, and Art and Play therapy.

Over the years, Jamie has played a pivotal role in bolstering the confidence and self-love of countless individuals across age groups. She remains ardently committed to empowering and uplifting every life she touches.

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Very understanding and empathetic while also providing concrete steps for progress. Definitely recommend Dr. Karia

January 22, 2022Nikhil B.Verified patient video visit

Jamie makes therapy fun and enjoyable. I leave my sessions feeling happier than when I walked into the session.
Jamie is a very attentive and intelligent therapist. Highly recommend!