Leaving home for the first time, moving to a new city, changing schools, starting a new job, leaving or beginning a relationship, getting married, becoming a parent: These are all examples of transitional periods in life that can be a mix of exciting and stressful-no matter your circumstances. Mental Health Clinicians often categorize these milestones as stressful life events or SLEs and they can play a significant role in our well-being.


Change is scary. Navigating change can make us reflect upon what we may be gaining, as well as what we may be leaving behind. Being surrounded by new tasks, environments and people can place us in a vulnerable mindset that makes us susceptible to stress. You may be surprised by how unsettled you may feel when seemingly good things are happening-such as moving or getting married!- and that can make it even harder to recognize that you need support during an SLE.


When an SLE impacts our ability to enjoy ourselves completely, then counseling may provide an understandable outlet for self-exploration.

Good things can cause stress, and that’s okay! Therapy can help as you begin a new chapter. A safe place where you don’t feel overwhelmed can allow you to identify your concerns, so you can get back to being in the moment.

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