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When dating becomes work…

You’ve tried to traverse the dating scene in New York, and it left you feeling exhausted and unsatisfied. You have even considered taking a break from dating altogether.

Bob had been in a couple of short relationships and dated sporadically over the years but was now “taking time off from dating” to focus on his education. Really, he was avoiding getting hurt and rejected.

Bob was afraid of being the kind of guy who upset women by hurting them. He had friends who were successful but was convinced that he was inferior to them or did not have enough money to attract a potential partner.

How to go from ‘being friends’ to a romantic relationship…

He asked his friends and family for advice, and they told him to “just be himself.” But that advice seemed too vague and meaningless. Ultimately, it wasn’t working. He ended up making friends with women, but not successfully finding a romantic partner.

After one particularly long dry spell, he decided to reach out for help.

Bob came to therapy with me. Within a few weeks of starting therapy, he was meeting women regularly, handling rejection better, and had the skills and foundation to succeed in the dating world, rather than just hoping for the best.

He learned new strategies, adopted a new mindset, and now had a plan to find a great long-term relationship, while enjoying dating in the meantime.

I’m Dr. Glickman can help you learn strategies to ‘take the stress out of dating.’

If you are having trouble with dating, call for a free consultation to find out how Dr. Glickman can help you improve in this vital area of life. You will also watch the rest of your life improve at the same time.

Dr. Glickman has worked with men and women, of all sexual orientations, to transform their dating lives from loneliness to fulfillment and fun.

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