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Level 10 Success Affirmations


Start your day with these affirmations to help program your subconscious mind for success. They're inspired by "The Miracle Morning" book and are meant to boost your commitment and follow-through to make your affirmations a reality.


Building Self-Confidence at "Level 10"


I deserve to achieve everything I want in life just as much as anyone else does. The only thing stopping me is my level of commitment to personal growth. I am 100% dedicated to improving myself every day so I can achieve the success I want. I'll start by taking action today and giving up the pressure to be perfect. Instead, I'll embrace authenticity and love myself, and others will too.


Achieving "Level 10" Health and Fitness


I know my success starts with my health and energy. I'll prioritize healthy food choices, like fresh fruits and veggies, over taste since they have a lasting impact. I'll also exercise daily, even if just for a quick 7-minute workout. By making these changes, I'll form a habit that becomes effortless over time. I won't wait to prioritize my health, I'll start by making healthy food choices and scheduling my workout today.


Creating Positive Relationships


I'll love everyone in my life, from my family and friends to co-workers and strangers, without judgment. I won't judge others as I can't know their experiences. Instead, I'll focus on adding value to their lives and enriching other people in every interaction I have.


Achieving Financial Success


Money isn't good or bad, it's what you do with it that matters. The more money I have, the more impact I can make. My current financial situation is a reflection of my past relationships with money, but there's no limit to how much I can earn, save, and grow. I'll commit to learning about money by reading articles and books so I can achieve financial freedom.


Overcoming Adversity


I'm where I need to be in life to learn what I need to, and become the person I want to be. Even when life is tough, it's an opportunity to learn and grow. I'll turn adversity into an advantage by accepting what's out of my control, freeing myself from emotional pain, and creating the life I want.

Dr. Philip Glickman Director/Licensed Clinical Psychologist at Wellness Road Psychology

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